Aerosure and the 2015 Tour de Chance – Just 3 weeks to go!!!

With just 3 weeks to go before we start the 2015 Tour de Chance I am pleased to report that I am ride fit and ready for the 1100kms – although I must confess to being somewhat less confident that I have done the concentrated riding required to build up the callouses to comfortably enjoy 9 days in the saddle. Experience suggest that days 2 to 6 of this Tour are going to hurt……..alot….. it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it!!!  And while most of my riding colleagues are well advanced in their riding preparations, there are a select few who are still struggling to shrug off the excesses of an extended festive/holiday season – they are heading for a wide world of pain!

On a more serious note, my genuine concern is that my fundraising is significantly lagging on past years. I appreciate that the message can get a little stale and that it is a big ask again (and that people are constantly being hit up for charitable support), but I can assure you that need is just as great today as it was in 2012/13.

Me and my 2015 tour buddy (Nick) from Fighting Chance.


One of the key features of the Tour fundraising is that the money is NOT used to fund the day-to-day operations of Fighting Chance (as this is essentially self-funding) but that the money is exclusively deployed to fund the growth and expansion of the programs (from 40 to 180 people in 2015). So this is not about raising money for people already involved in Fighting Chance (such as Ashleigh), but so that more people with disabilities can benefit from this wonderful work!

For those who haven’t donated yet, now is the time to get your hands out of those deep pockets and donate using the following link

All the money raised by the Tour de Chance will used to triple the numbers of people with a disability employed within the Fighting Chance social enterprises from 40 to 120. The funds raised will enable Fighting Chance to establish new work hubs and to hire and train the support staff that will make this expansion possible.

Documentary on last year’s Tour.

Thanks again for your valuable and much needed support!